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The Editorial Board is made up of academic representatives from different teaching and research institutions and several regions of the country and abroad. Its members act preferably, but not exclusively, in the area of ​​intellectual property under the multidisciplinary vision. Each member acts as advisor to the Scientific Committee and the Editor interpreting and suggesting improvements in the Editorial Policy, publicizing the magazine, positioning itself as a referee in strategic issues of the involvement of the PIDCC in the academic and professional environment. Each member also assumes the role of ombudsman of the scientific community active in the area, guaranteeing the academic credibility and the posture expected of a scientific journal. Scientific Committee This is an interinstitutional collegiate whose performance is done collectively and democratically. Its mission is to ensure the credibility of the editorial procedures adopted and to assume the scientific responsibility of the magazine. The Scientific Committee indicates the Scientific Editor who becomes its natural member. This committee must be permanently active in complying with the general definitions of the editorial policy of the journal and also with the editorial procedures envisaged, particularly with regard to ensuring the consistency and quality of publications. Special issues and other scientific contributions should be discussed and defined by this body. It is your responsibility to discuss and develop regulations for various subjects such as: standards and formatting of articles; evaluation criteria and acceptance of texts for publication; accept new research groups to participate in the committee; approval of the budget; accreditation of reviewers and reviewers; definition of circulation policy and signatures, among other matters. The Scientific Committee does not interfere in the editorial operation which is of the Editor and its operational staff's responsibility. Scientific Editor He is responsible for the editorial management and supervision of the Editorial Secretariat, which operates the entire workflow with the help of the Open Journal System - OJS system. The Scientific Editor has a specific role in the previous selection of articles sent to the journal, in the control of Plagiarism and Auto Plagio in several bases and also in the distribution of articles among the reviewers (double blind peer review). The scientific editor must have an active position in the work of the Scientific Committee and in the articulation of actions of the Editorial Board. A flowchart of the activities of the scientific publishing process is explained in the OJS platform, in the item "About / About the Electronic Publishing System of Magazines". Email to PIDCC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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