Conditions for submission

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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with respect to all items listed below. Submissions that do not comply with the standards will be returned to authors.

  1. Adequacy Article fits the lines of research proposals by the magazine? The rules set out in the 'Guidelines for Authors' were obeyed?
  2. Title is clear and appropriate to the content of the article?
  3. Summary / Abstract - Palavras-chave/Keywords The summary presents the intended objectives, methodology and a summary of closing remarks? The summary is clear and concise? The keywords reflect the basic ideas of the text?
  4. Introduction Presents, justifies and defines the objectives? Presents study investigated the problem? Describes the methodology used? Specifies (s) event (s)? A (s) event (s) is (are) relevant (s) developing the article?
  5. There Development exposition and discussion of the theories that were used to clarify the problem? The internal division is adequate to achieve the desired goals? The operational concepts are explained? The theoretical framework is consistent?
  6. Final results are displayed with objectivity? The article brings contribution (s) for the study area that concerns you? They are a logical consequence of the reasoning developed throughout the article? Are relevant to the problem and the objectives of the study?
  7. References Citations are relevant to the topic addressed?
  8. In identifying the author (s) (s), in a note-for-footer, given institution to which it is attached, city, state, country, title and email address for correspondence (e-mail)?


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