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THE JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - CONTEMPORARY LAW AND CONSTITUTION is an electronic academic journal that appears with the aim of disseminating knowledge in various branches of science, providing professional teachers in the area of intellectual property law and other areas of knowledge, as well as the academics, a forum for the publication of articles, monographs, reviews and comments from judgments to research and debate on the Law of Intellectual Property and transversal and multidisciplinary areas. The texts address issues involving critical topics in the area of Intellectual Property Law, State Law, Constitutional Law, Social Security Law, Employment Law, Business Law, International Law, Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Criminal Law, Business Administration, Economics, Foreign international, Life Sciences, Earth and Exact. Seeks to be an expression of the research group on industrial property law / Vision Interdisciplinary and also seek an expression for researchers from other institutions, preferably linked to the Federal University of Sergipe. It has quarterly periodicity and Special Editions.

Your editorial board is composed of teachers, doctors and professionals dedicated to the academic area that make up the faculty of various educational institutions recognized by the MEC in the state of Sergipe, in other Brazilian states as well as abroad, integrated by courses of law, education, Management, Social Sciences, Accounting, Economics, International Relations, and is also intended to create a channel of communication between them and other scientific researchers, with participation open to the entire academic community of these areas, both in in national and international sphere, showing your commitment to contemporary and speed information.

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